Theme: «Modern pedagogical technologies in the foreign language teaching».

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Балсеитова Айгуль Кайратовна

Преподаватель английского языка.

Петропавловский строительно-экономический колледж

Foreign languages are getting more important due to the processes of globalization under conditions of modern society. Nowadays foreign language knowledge is an essential condition for any specialists’ high qualification. Foreign languages learning allow people to broaden their communicative skills, the range of the vision, to raise culture level and etc.

         English language is a leader among the other languages owing to creation of universal economical, informational and cultural space. Due to the necessity of learning foreign languages several questions arise: how to teach, what methods to use, how to organize learning process more effectively. For answering these questions it is necessary to research accurately the process of the language acquisition, identify the peculiarities, social and biological factors which influence this process and also identify similarities and differences during learning native and foreign languages, compare learning in natural conditions and intentional learning. All these things are the subject of the research for many years and it can identify the following conditions for successful language acquisition.




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